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Mourn vor Hans Goedecke

We mourn Hans Goedecke, who passed away a few days ago.

To be clear: without Hans Goedecke, the Felix Count von Luckner Society would not exist.

Goedecke spoke to the current President of the society in 2004 and tried to convince him to found an association dedicated to the life and work of the count. Successful, and so a few comrades-in-arms were found together, who then give the new Count von Luckner Society their character and continue to do so today.

Hans Goedecke was very active for a long time and always proved to be extremely generous in his actions.

His commitment in the context of the events surrounding the commemorative event “70th anniversary of the end of the war in Halle”, that was in 2015, will not be forgotten. Hans Goedecke wrote the script for the event, brought the actors together and sat – like Steven Spielberg – on his armchair and conducted this, where you could see his passion for the cause openly.

Goedecke set accents in his ideas and actively implemented them. So he was the Spiritus Rector when it was founded and at the same time an engine in the ongoing work. Hans Goedecke became the first and so far only honorary chairman of the Count von Luckner Society until he retired into private life for reasons of age, but remained very friendly with us until the end.

Hans, we will always keep you in honorable memory and never forget what you did for our society, thank you.