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The Count an the Nazis

This page has the title “Count Luckner and the Nazis”, it is here about a fatal relationship in Germany’s darkest time, at the end of Count Luckner was muzzled and it was made clear to him to lead the life of a private man.

The aftereffects of this intrigue are still to be felt today, and even if in recent newspaper articles more or less lurid, sometimes as title and sometimes as a secondary sentence of alleged misconducts of the count is proclaimed.

According to the motto “Sex sells”, Luckner is always brought into the field, he has committed himself to two small children, this is a pure slander and simply not true.

We make it clear:

  • Felix Graf von Luckner was never convicted of such misconduct.
  • There is no act of a court established by the rule of law.
  • Only documents of the Reich Security Main Office, one of the most criminal authorities in the 3rd Reich, are available.
  • At no time was determined after the Nazi period because of alleged offenses against Luckner.

Who in the knowledge of the crimes of the Nazi regime allegations, which originate solely from Nazi sources, as true or even as “credible” is not only principles of our democratic constitution, such as the presumption of innocence but also the guarantee of a rule of law procedure simply superseded.

Such people work on the basis on which the brown danger can find a soil for the seeds in our country as it were.

This must not be !!