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Meeting Place

Headquarters of our Society / Sitz unserer Gesellschaft in Halle (Saale)

The Meeting Place for International Understanding has the following background:

Felix Count von Luckner for all of his life stood for peace and international understanding, well, not wearing a sloging but just acting in the moments that met his minds. He saved a lot of human lives and acted in the mind mentioned above. Therefore, we intended to create a place, where men and women from all nations – members of our society or not (yet) – could meet to interact with us or others about peace, international understanding and more.

When men start understanding each other, at the end peoples will do.

This is one of the main goal of our society and, therefore, we included this in the statute when founding our society in 2004. Of course we are an international acting society, fairly successful when you look where our members come from. That is why we for many year have been greeting guests from all over the world here in Halle at our headquarters. Those guests we love showing our collection and showing them round in the city saved by Felix Count von Luckner from being destroyed at the end of World War II.

In our headquarters we have the “Count von Luckner Room”, where our museum is located too. Here we preserve our collection, our files and our library. Furthermore, we are able to use a seminar room for doing lectures etc.

In the basement we have the “Count-von-Luckner-Vault”; information on that you will find >>> HERE <<<

Last but not least we are offering guided tours throught the “Count-von-Luckner-City” Halle.