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Books from our collection

The famous book “The Sea Devil” almost everybody will know who is intersted in Felix Count von Luckner. Over many years especially for boys it has been a legendary book.

It had been translated into many languages, so we of course wish to have every translation in our library. At the moment we have beside the German version and the American one written by Lowell Thomas books written in French, Italian, Turkish and Japanese. These books could be purchesed by our society.

But there are many more books on the Count; we are interested in all of them.

Furthermore, we are collecting books with a nautical reference, encyclopedia, biographies and other stuff, which could be of interest for our work.

In the future we will introduce to you books we already have in our libary and you will have the chance to take a sponsorship concerning single books. About details you will be informed later here.


We are always interested in books we do not have. Donations in books are highly appreciated! Thank you very much!