Mourn vor Hans Goedecke

We mourn Hans Goedecke, who passed away a few days ago.

To be clear: without Hans Goedecke, the Felix Count von Luckner Society would not exist.

Goedecke spoke to the current President of the society in 2004 and tried to convince him to found an association dedicated to the life and work of the count. Successful, and so a few comrades-in-arms were found together, who then give the new Count von Luckner Society their character and continue to do so today.

Hans Goedecke was very active for a long time and always proved to be extremely generous in his actions.

His commitment in the context of the events surrounding the commemorative event “70th anniversary of the end of the war in Halle”, that was in 2015, will not be forgotten. Hans Goedecke wrote the script for the event, brought the actors together and sat – like Steven Spielberg – on his armchair and conducted this, where you could see his passion for the cause openly.

Goedecke set accents in his ideas and actively implemented them. So he was the Spiritus Rector when it was founded and at the same time an engine in the ongoing work. Hans Goedecke became the first and so far only honorary chairman of the Count von Luckner Society until he retired into private life for reasons of age, but remained very friendly with us until the end.

Hans, we will always keep you in honorable memory and never forget what you did for our society, thank you.

New rubric – miscellaneous

There is a new section for everything that we think is worth mentioning, but which we somehow couldn’t really fit anywhere else or only in a too insignificant place.

In short, what must be said must be said.

If you have ideas for this section, we look forward to your feedback.

The first contribution is to answer the question:

What does Sophie Scholl have to do with the city of Halle?

Read more about this >>> HERE <<<

Night of the Museums 2020

This time only online, from minute 2:51 you will listen to and watch our small message!

75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Halle

On April 19, 1945 the Second World War ended in Halle, because after the American mission diaries the fighting was stopped at 10.55 a.m.

For this reason, since 2010 the “Peace Bells of Halle” have been ringing for exactly 10 minutes each year.

We have >>> HERE <<< compiled a war diary in which we have described the exciting events that ultimately led to our city being saved from complete destruction.

But we ask you for one thing: this year listen to the sound of peace bells from home. This is the order of the day.

Purchase of a lampshade

From a reliable source, we were able to purchase a lampshade that Felix Count von Luckner once owned and stood on his desk.

There was also a “proof photo” on which the Count can be seen sitting at his desk; the shade forms the background of the picture.

Also on offer was the door hanger that was once attached to the apartment door in the Count’s apartment in Hamburg in Jungfrauenthal.

The entire bundle was kindly offered at a reasonable price, so that the members of our society who were present at a round table could raise the entire amount.

Shortly afterwards the package arrived safely. What joy.

As at this point, we would like to thank the provider sincerely for the generous courtesy with the price.

The lampshade will be another highlight of our museum.

Donation of pictures

Whom the thanks may be, we pronounce it hereby!

Today, we received a letter with three pictures inside, two showing von Luckners Sea Eagle and one showing himself. All are signed by the Count, how great!

Unfortunately, there is no reference to a sender on the letter either inside or outside, so we would like to thank the unknown person who gave us this donation in a friendly way.

The donation is in good hands with us and will be preserved for posterity.

Again thank you very much!

Gorch Fock I and other training ships

The President of our company recently took a trip to the Baltic Sea. The goal was the Hanseatic city of Greifswald, where he gave a lecture on the “Sea Devil” Count Luckner in front of the local boatmen’s guild.

The next day he used the time to visit Stralsund, where in particular the former training ship of the Reichsmarine “Gorch Fock” (also called “Gorch Fock I”) was his destination. On deck and below deck there were many new impressions and with many pictures and ideas in mind, Maurer approached the homeward journey towards evening.

For the upcoming Luckner Stammtisch (Wednesday, 17.4.2019 from 18.00 clock in the Luckner Vault) Maurer will report in the context of a picture presentation on the recent visit and take a look at the exciting history of the training ships of the German Navy to make the lecture “round” .

The topic is of particular interest, as Count Luckner was the first commander of the newly established sailing training ship “Niobe” from March to September 1921, which was unfortunately lost in 1932 in a tragic accident.

The event is public, interested parties are welcome.

Donation of photos from the USA

A donation of photos arrived from the USA

Whom the thanks may be, we pronounce it hereby!

Today, we received a letter with beautiful stamps (you can see them in the picture) of two photos which were supposed to have been taken in Portland, OR, USA in the 1920s. In any case, Luckner’s ship “Vaterland” (later: “Mopelia”) can be seen on this.

Unfortunately, there is no reference to a sender on the letter either inside or outside, so we would like to thank the unknown person who gave us this donation in a friendly way.

The donation is in good hands with us and will be preserved for posterity.

Again thank you very much!

New Book in France: “100 Sailors”

On October 11, 2018, in France a new book has been published by Edition Paulsen. Inside of that book you will find biographies of 10o sailors such as Jules Verne, Thor Heyerdahl or Jaques Cousteau.

Ii is a time ago that the editor contacted our society because they wished to include a biography of Felix Count von Luckner. Even that fact is a small sensation as the content of the book mainly was focussed on sailors who stood in a relation to France themselves.

The President of our society, Matthias J. Maurer, offered to write the article on the Count himself, so he in the end did. On the book cover not the names of all sailors could be mentioned but the name of the “Sea Devil” now found his place just beside Heyerdahl and Cousteau!

The book was written in the French language and can now be purchased. It has a hard cover and will be delivered in an additional slipcase.

We can highly recommend that book to all who an read and understand French. If you wish, you can review the book in our office.

Following you will find a detail of the cover and an excerpt of the contents. After that we provide links to the editor and the opportunity purchasing the book.


>>> HERE <<< the editor (Edition Paulsen) introduces the book

>>> HERE <<< you can buy the book (Amazon)


Exhibition at a Lounge in Halle

An exhibition was opened in the station lounge of Halle (Saale) Central Station on October 30, where portraits of Halle personalities can be seen.

The paintings are paintings of the Halle artist Hans Joachim Triebsch, and as a basis, photographs of Peru John were taken.

All persons presented there have prepared a statement regarding the city of Halle.

Among these persons is also the president of our company, Matthias J. Maurer.

In this article you will find impressions of the exhibition as well as the statement with which Maurer vehemently advocates the finally due tribute of Felix Count von Luckner.