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Bells of Peace – 2014

… with wailing sirens, leaflets and emotions

2014 is not 1945 – now we are in peace! This year even the youngest of us could take a leaflet without having any fears. / 2014 ist nicht 1945, wir leben im Frieden! In diesem Jahr konnten selbst Jüngsten ohne jede Ängste ein Flugblatt erhaschen.

To be honest: we could not repeat all of the things we had done in 2013.

For all who perhaps expected an increase every we can only say: this would definitely lose the original means of that issue – what means the Bells of Peace.

Furthermore, we in this year had the very special anniversary in mind. In 2015 we could perhaps for the last time meet real eye witnesses. Among others this is the reason to intend something special for 2015. For this year not!

We are sure that in the last years we succeeded in bringing back the whole history and the special and positive destiny of Halle into the mind of the people here in town. We cannot take it for granted that Halle had not been destroyed at the end of the war. It has been a hard issue and risky for many people.

In this year visitors could enjoy dropping down leaflets, wailing sirens (by the way, the first time after 1945, and this threatening sound all of us impressed), prayers and many things more.

The commemoration ceremony had a dignified setting.

We were really paused for a moment!

And in the focus of course just one thing stood: the ringing of

“The Bells of Peace of Halle”