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Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Center at Oslo (picture: Von Neptuul – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Felix Graf von Luckner was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!

This statement – to be read here and there again and again – was often questioned by critics with regard to their truth content. The Count von Luckner Society reveals the truth at this point.

Thankfully, our member Wilfried Thiel (†), before the founding of our association, undertook extensive research on Count Luckner and in this connection tried to investigate the question of the Count’s proposal for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Letter of the Nobel Committee

Letter of the Nobel Committee to Mr. Thiel

He wrote a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in 1999 and received a letter dated 7 May of the same year dated letter in which he was confirmed that such a proposal was indeed received there and also received a file number, which you can clearly see in the image “letterhead” top right. For an enlarged view, please click on the picture.

Thereafter, Felix Graf von Luckner was proposed with a three-page letter of 14 May 1956 by Eugene F. McDonald Jr. from Chicago for the Nobel Peace Prize. McDonald was the founder and owner of the Zenith Radio Corporation and had a clear picture of his thinking and perspective through a long personal acquaintance with the count.

By contrast, according to the rules of the Nobel Committee, only certain persons are entitled to nominate individuals for the Nobel Peace Prize, including former Nobel Peace Prize winners, members of the Institute of International Law, members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, acting university professors of law and history, history and philosophy, etc.

So a very small group of people has only one right to propose regarding the Nobel Peace Prize. Eugene F. McDonald was not included, so his proposal could not be handled by the committee.

But that does not change the fact that Felix Graf von Luckner was actually nominated in 1956 for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Head of the McDonald letter to Nobel

Head of the letter written by Eugene F. McDonald Jr. to the Norwegian Nobel Committee

Part of McDonald's letter

Part of McDonald’s letter to Oslo


  •      The letter to Mr. Thiel was partly anonymised for privacy reasons.
  •      The letter from E.F. McDonald was presented in excerpts, but of course the company is completely in copy.
  •      The above-mentioned regulations of the Nobel Committee are available to us and are archived here.
  •      All documents can be viewed here and are otherwise shown completely only in the context of exhibitions or in our museum.