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The Hanseatic city on the Trave was the place Count von Luckner went to the school of navigation from 1903 on. He got his mate’s commission at this school which was founded in 1808 and had its headquarters in a new erected building at the “Wall beim Kaisertor”.

School of Navigation at Lübeck

The School of Navigation at Lübeck about 1905 seen on a historical picture postcard

This high reputable school was displaced to Flensburg in 1993 according to a political decision. The time of lecture ended. The building of the former school is still existing and protected by the laws of monument conservation. Actually inside are instituts of mathematics of the university of Lübeck. You will find it at Wallstraße Nr. 40 at Lübeck.

Does anybody has a story about von Luckners time in Lübeck?

Where did the Count live at Lübeck?

Furthermore, we wouzl like to have an actual picture of the school in Lübck, so if you pass by, please take one to be published in our website, many thanks in advance.

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