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Painting of the auxiliary cruiser “Seeadler” (“Sea Eagle”), loan by Felix Count von Baudissin.

When hearing the name of Felix Count von Luckner many think of his legendary cruise with the “Sea Eagle”  which earned the Count the nickname “Sea Devil”, later his famous book was named after this name.

Some will know that in the Twenties of the last century von Luckner travelled with a huge sailing ship, the four-mast-schooner “Vaterland” (later: “Mopelia”) to the United States to campaign for the idea of international understanding and peace. This story has been told in his book “Seeteufel erobert Amerika” (“Sea Devil conquers America”).

Fewer of us will know that von Luckner in the Thirtees owned a two-mast-schooner named “Sea Devil”, again sailing over the world among others to Australia, New Zealand and the South Seas. Almost unknown is, that this ship still exists and still can be sailed.

In these pages of course we will tell the stories of that three ships, but not only. Step by step we will introduce all vessels, giving von Luckner a home for a certain time and also those which were brought down to the ground of the sea during his cruise in World War I.


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Seeadler – the ship von Luckner did his legendary cruise during WWI with

Vaterland / Mopelia – his home during the “Good Will Tours”

Seeteufel – last ship of the Count which still exists


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