Our collection

One of our treasures is our collection, whichi now will be shown in the von Luckner Museum. This collection during the last years increased and is all the time. All of our members keep their ears and hearts open to meet any chance for doing so.

At the moment we only have a small museum, but lots of treasures. Anyway, we are working on building up a kind of virtual museum. We will keep you informed.

- – -   A P P E A L  – – -   - – -   A P P E A L   – – -   – – -   A P P E A L   – – -

Do you possess items about or from Felix Count von Luckner you could share with us, as a donation or as a loan? Anything, every little detail is of interest to us!

We are registered society under German law, and we guarantee to you:

  • a durable storage of items in our archive/collection
  • an appropriate storage of the items placed at our disposal
  • in case of using the items for excibitions etc. preseting the items in a dignified way
  • a proper naming (if wished) of the donator

Your donation is in good hands, this we promise!

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –   Thanks to all, who donated !!!   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

You can help us by donating money, because using this we will be able to buy certain items in auctions or by private persons.

It is quite easy to donate! Go to PayPal www.paypal.com and you can use your credit card. Every Dollar, every Dime, every Pound, every Penny and every Euro is highly appreciated and will be used directly for our project.


Here you will find our bank information:

  • Bank: Saalesparkasse Halle
  • IBAN: DE96800537620385312868
  • Holder: Luckner Society


Thanks to all who donated and helped thereby to support our work!!!

Information to donations you will find here.