Netzwerke & Links


Together we are strong!

Therefore, only we only with our partners we will be able to reach our goals and to succeed in accomplishing our projects.

Here we wish to thank all of our partners.

On the other hand we got companies who got involved with our work. The regularly pay more membership fee and are helping too by identifying with our society.

As follows you will find the name of the companies we defenitely should mention in alphabetical order

  • AM Gewerbe- und Industriebau UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Kötschlitz
  • Apart Hotel, Halle
  • Galerie Kunstlandschaft, Halle
  • Raumausstattung Grunwald, Halle
  • Konsul Hotel, Halle (Queis)
  • Krug zum Grünen Kranze, Halle
  • Maurer & Wünsch, Rechtsanwälte, Halle
  • Micheel, Das Küchenstudio, Halle
  • Ernst Vieweg GmbH, Halle

Not less we are happy to have societies and oranizations among our friends interested in our work directly or indirectly, or are interested in the Count, or in the Imperial Navy or anything else we are involved too. Sometimes we are organized in a kind of mutual membership. Among those friends we always find open ears, help and support. This is highly appreciated.

This societies and organisations we name here in alphabetical order as follows:

  • Bounty Club Schweiz
  • Hallesaaler Shanty Chor e.V. (not existing anymore)
  • Hallischer Hanseverein e.V.
  • Marineverein Halle/Saale “Seeteufel Felix Graf v. Luckner” e.V.
  • Musikverein “Seeteufel” e.V.
  • Förderverein Deutsche Museumswerft e.V.
  • Freundeskreis Raddampfer Goethe e.V.
  • Wandlitzer Felix Graf von Luckner Marine Historik Sport Club 2001 e.V.

Boys come along – we are happy to continue working with you !!!