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Count von Luckner Trail

Button of the von Luckner Trail / Zeichen des Luckner Pfades

Button of the von Luckner Trail / Zeichen des Luckner Pfades

We’re looking back to the year of 2006.

It is cold and fog is doin’ its way through the streets of Halle. A little group of people is searching these narrow streets in town looking for a special house. At Universitaetsring Nr.13, before all, ourvisitor from the USA is within his dreams.

The prosperous author and member of our society, Mr. Blaine Pardoe, for a long time wanted to visit the city of Halle/Germany to look at the living home of Felix Count von Luckner. To see this place with his own eyes was a real dream to him.

Surely, Blaine Pardoe had to see von Luckner’s home in Halle. For us it was a strange feeling, that Blaine felt hard to leave this very special place.

“Where is the ‘Count von Luckner Trail’ in Halle?” Bardoe asked impressed by all these sights in Halle. “It’s a real treasure, what you have here!”

In this moment the idea of the “Count von Luckner Trail” was born. An idea, we would like to introduce to you here. We feel, that there is a quite big potential not only for the city of Halle but for our society too. Here we need our members worldwide, because we now are looking for pictures (actual and historic ones) of the places mentioned here. We want to fill that story with life!

Please, learn more about that project below …


We are doing our work with our hearts, spending a lot of our leisure time and of our personal money for the society. So any support will be highly appreciated!

 Donations quite easy can be made by using   PayPal

It is quite easy to donate! Go to PayPal and you can use your credit card. Every Dollar, every dime, every pound, every penny and every EURO is highly appreciated and will be used directly for our project.

Here you will find our bank information:

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Thanks for your DONATION, we appreciate that very much !!!

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button_von_luckner_trail_small Please, take a look at this  <<<  LINK  >>> and look for the symbol on your left. You can also use the map below, but then you will only use a detail of your screen. Just zoom in and klick at one of the signs and then you will find information about the place of the Count von Luckner Trail. Please note, the von Luckner Trail is not only to be found in Halle but worldwide, so please also “zoom out” and discover the world of Felix Count von Luckner! Have fun and feel free to comment our work, and: we need more points to complete our work, be part of that project!

button_timberwolf_small‘We have added “Timberwolf Points”, because the history of the US-Army and here especially the 104th US Infantry Division “Timberwolf”, who entered Halle in April 1945, is closely connected with Felix Count von Luckner. Those visitors of our website, who are interested in von Luckner will surely be interested in the Timberwolves too. The “Timberwolf Points” you will identify by the sign on your left, the sign of the division, the howling Timberwolf.

The von Luckner Trail / Luckner Pfad Halle (Germany) auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen