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Integratation sets a precedent

WE are Luckner!

This is our new motto with the aim of complementing, expanding and adapting our previous work to the challenges of our time. And our current project concerns integration.

This is as follows:

Many people in the country are concerned about the question of integrating new people. Whether everyone welcomes them or not, these people are there and we (and they too) have to master the interaction and the new situation in every respect. It’s not just politics or the police that are in question here, and despite these really pressing questions, politics in particular is unfortunately still lacking answers to us – across Europe, by the way.

Therefore, as a civil society, let us tackle these problems wherever we can, because it cannot and must not be the case that people get “under the wheels”.

It’s about people!

These are, first and foremost, the citizens of our country who live here!

It is the people who built our country who maintain it every day; those who make their contribution to the community every day, through paid work or charitable work, to enable the functioning of our state; in schools, kindergartens, on the railway, in the power plant, in large industry, in supermarkets, in medium-sized businesses as well as in one-man businesses, yes in all companies and institutions and there in employed, self-employed, freelance or other activities.

They are also those who volunteer their time and often their hard-earned money to make our community function! In the end, all those people who think, work, act, lead, get involved, pay taxes and with their efforts create the substance so that we can ultimately somehow afford to help in many ways!

We are sure:

If we don’t forget any of “our” people, each of them will be ready to help…

… for example the new fellow human beings in our country who deserve a chance if they have the honest will to integrate into the country and society. We as the Graf Luckner Society have taken it upon ourselves to help prepare the ground so that such an opportunity has a real basis and that the new fellow human beings ultimately become an enrichment for our community.

They and we deserve it – let’s get it done!

WE are Luckner!