In these sites we will introduce points, locations and places which played a role in the life of Count von Luckner. These could be cities, villages, known or unknown houses, hotels, rivers, islands and many more.

We thereby not only see the spectaclar or special things, even a restaurant the Count held a lecture in could be such a place. But we have to know about such places, otherwise we cannot inform on them. Therfore, we need your support and help!

Do you know places where the “Sea Devil” has been or can be brought into connection with him?

We are happy about every information, newspaper clippings, pictures, letters or other documents to picture history in an authentic way.

Please contact us under or via telephone, facsimile or letter.

Here you will find a list of the places which are worth mentioning. The list will always be updated. For further information please click at the relevant link.

Pennrich / Dresden – von Luckner was born resp. grew up here

Halle (Saale) – the favourite city of the Count, he helped to save from destruction in 1945

Lübeck – here he was educated for being a mate

Papenburg – at a school in his town got his  captain’s patent

Hamburg – a place of his home and his last resting-place

Malmö – point of origin of the Countess, their home, his place of death