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Count von Luckner Museum

Headquarters of our Society – here in the first floor you will find our museum

At the Headquarters of our Society in Halle (Saale) / Germany we have the “Count von Luckner Museum”.

We are very happy to welcome you as a visitor!

During the Night of the Museums we will re-open our museum on May 7, 2022.

Opening hours: regularly every third Wednesday a month between 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

(beside that time visitors are welcome, please ask for your personal agreement)

What you can expect: Beside a permanent excibition for visitors we like to open our treasure chamber regularly. Here you will see unique and extraordinary artifacts. We are going to inform you about the background of our collection. You will know about coriosities, funny stories and many things more about the Count and his life.

We promise, that you will never forget your visit here! Believe it or not, we will keep that promise.

Entrance 8,00 EUR per person (including a guided tour usually done by the President of our Society)

Special appointments can easily be made via phone +49 (0)0345 / 521 65 781 or sending us an eMail

(for groups we appreciate to meet your wishes, just get into contact with us)

Different kind of items we will show you – almost everyone has its own story, these stories are waiting for you.

What you should now

- Our Museum is to be found in 1st floor. No lift at all. We are very sorry, that there will be no wheelchair-access. We feel very sorry for that, but we at the moment cannot chance the situation in the house.

- we are serving high-class Aquion-Activewater FREE if you like

- we are offering some souvenirs, >>> HERE <<< you will find more information.

We appreciate your messages and your visit.


- – -   A P P E A L  – - -   - – -   A P P E A L   – - -

Do you possess items about or from Felix Count von Luckner you could share with us, as a donation or as a loan? Anything, every little detail is of interest to us!

We are registered society under German law, and we guarantee to you:

  • a durable storage of items in our archive/collection
  • an appropriate storage of the items placed at our disposal
  • in case of using the items for excibitions etc. preseting the items in a dignified way
  • a proper naming (if wished) of the donator

Your donation is in good hands, this we promise!

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –   Thanks to all, who donated !!!   – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

We possess some of the orders (and more) of the Count.


Following you will find some information to the sub-links. Please, learn more there.

Collection – Here in the future you will find a virtuel excibition in which we are going to present parts of our collection. Furthermore, donators are mentioned here.

Library – In this  part of our website we will introduce books to you, which have something to do with Count von Luckner or are related to nautical issues. Beside this we collect book about history in general or we are interested in because of other reasons. These books are to be found in our library. We, furthermore, will mention books we do not yet have but would like to. Perhaps you can help?

What we seek- Here we will explain, what we are seeking for.

Night of the Museums In the year 2009, our society introduced his “Museum in Waiting” to the public at the Archeological Museum in Halle, named Robertinum. We inform about that event.

Touring Excibition – Already in 2004, when our society had been founded, we put together a bilingual (English and German) touring excibition.  This excibition can be booked. Additional information you will find in this link.


This item you will find – no copy, it’s the original one – in the von Luckner Vault