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Bells of Peace

Bells of Peace in Halle

Regularly, sometimes even yearly, in some places people are commemorating the destruction of their cities during wartimes. Whatever it is in Ypres in Belgium, Coventry in Englang, Lidice in the Czech Republic, Oradour-sur-Glane in France or Dresden in Germany, in every place people at these moments pray for peace, their deep wish. Never again shall death and destruction rollback.

In Halle (Saale)/Germany, where the headquarters of our international society is located, for some years Bells of Peace are ringing on April 19 at 10.55 a.m. for a very special reason. Here people commemorating the fact that Halle at the end of World War II could be saved from complete destruction by the activities of many brave men and women, under them Felix Count von Luckner.

Historic bells in the Red Tower of Halle, not ringing anymore / Historische Glocken im Roten Turm zu Halle, diese klingen nicht mehr.

Historic bells in the Red Tower of Halle, not ringing anymore / Historische Glocken im Roten Turm zu Halle, diese bleiben stumm.

Here you will be informed on the background of that tradition and the activities we had during the last years. The history began in 2010. Please use the links of the years for further information.

2010 – Halle is listening to bells of peace

How this story began, the first idea and the very first bell-ringing on an April 19 at 10.55 a.m. President Maurer still remembers well. Read more  >>>HERE<<<

2011 – Bells of peace and prayers

Members of the von Luckner Society are meeting on the Market place in Halle, keeping silence to listen to the bell’s ringing, then walking to the Old Market, more information you will find  >>>HERE<<<

2012 - A plaque for Count von Luckner

A plaque for the saviors of Halle, among them Felix Count von Luckner, was unveiled ceremonally, read more >>>HERE<<<

2013 - Sound of bells and negotiations in close fighting for peace

One highlight of our society’s history, history comes alive on the Marketplace of Halle, read more >>>HERE<<<

2014 – Bells of Peace

Wailing of sirens and leaflets dropped down causes shivering in those who very victims of that scenes in 1945, get more information >>>HERE<<<

2015 - Strategies

This year was obviously the last anniversary concerning the end of World War II we could listen to contemporary witnesses. That is why this 70ies anniversary meant something very special for us and the reason for very special plans on April 19, and we had a very special event on that day. Learn more >>>HERE<<< But in the focus shall remain the plain ringing of the church bells – - – the Bells of Peace!

2016 - Ringing

Let the Bells of Peace ring.

2017 - Again rining of the Bells of Peace

The Bells of Peace shall ring again.

2018 - The Bells of Peace shall ring

The horror of war should never been forgotten, let us ring the bells of peace.

2019 – The Bells remained silent

The reason for this was the fact that April 19 fell on Good Friday, the so-called silent holiday. Nevertheless, we met on the Marketplace. Learn more >>>HERE<<<


Here you will find pictures on the battle of Halle, words in German only