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Memorial for Douglas Page

Count von Luckner was remarkable for the fair and humane way he treated the “enemies.” The von Luckner Society believes that this is an important part of his legacy.

As you know, von Luckner sunk 14 ships as a merchant raider in WW1. He tried to save the lives of his enemies, successfully with one exception. It is written in the biography as follows:

…only one seaman (the freighter “Horngarth” from Cardiff) died after having injured by hot water caused by a leak in a steam pipe. This damage was caused by a shell of the “SEEADLER”.

Douglas Page

Douglas Page

The seaman was Douglas Page.

His grand nephew (Ross Pooley) contacted us and provided pictures of Douglas and a funeral card and letter from the Count. He thinks that Douglas was treated very well by the Germans who tried to help the injured (4 were injured by the hot water) the best way they could. Unfortunately, Douglas died and was buried at sea.

We bow to the victim Douglas Page


will preserve the remembrance.


The family of Douglas Page still has not forgotten the young man as well as the fair and human way the Germans treated the injured and tried to help them the best way they could. The Germans were really sad when they learned that for Douglas Page any help was too late. Von Luckner himself later on sent a letter to the family explaining that treatment, so the memories on him are kept alive by them until now.

More information and pictures (among others of the steamship “Horngarth”) you will find >>> HERE <<<

Gedenken an Douglas Page

His family keeps memories alive / seine Familie denkt noch heute an Douglas Page

Douglas Page, Luckners letter/Brief

von Luckner wrote a letter to the family of Douglas / Luckner wandte sich an die Familie von Douglas