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Felix Count von Luckner

We are an international acting society under German law with members from 20 about nations and named after a great person of the 20th century with German origin.

Felix Count von Luckner.

In these pages we wish to introduce the man to you, who was born under the German Emperor Wilhelm I., who fought in World War I under Wilhelm II., who hold lectures, wrote books and who succeeded to bring himself to the market.

His popularity he learned to campaign for the idea of international harmony and peace, an idea von Luckner followed his whole life. He did this after the German Reich had lost World War I, von Luckner himself deplored this in a special way because of his sympathy to the German Kaiser and the sense of security and strength in that time. He, furthermore, spoke for his ideas after the tragedy of World War II, here it was even harder to get back lost credits.

Count von Luckner estimated people whatever their origin, what color, religion they had or the nation they came from. He loved freedom and fought for it, making it of course hard for him to live in his home country from 1933 on, when the Nazis ruled Germany and bore personal latitudes down.

Looking at von Luckners biography leads to the question how all the adventures could fit with only one human life resp. could have been lived by only one single person.

Count von Luckner captured ships in World War I, won innumerous hearts, saved lives of many people and in 1945 even the existance of one whole city, got honored several times and even suggested for the Nobel Peace Prize.


In the following sites (please see the sublinks too) we will inform you about details on the person of Count von Luckner and will now provide and overview of that points. If interested, please click at the relevant link.

Biography – here you will find some data of the life of Count von Luckner

Places – Felix Count von Luckner was a globetrotter and felt home almost wherever he was. That is why that there are many places all over the world he visited or saw or can be brought into connection with him. We will introduce some places for you here.

Ships – here you will lear more about von Luckner’s ships

Miscellanous – There are many curios, episodes and things to think about in the life of the “Sea Devil”. Did you for example know that it was suggested to honor Count von Luckner with the Nobel Peace Prize? In these sites you will learn more.