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von Luckner Vault

Entrance to the Von-Luckner-Vault

In 2010 we at the international exhibition “Boot” thought about the idea to have an own place to stay.

Our members Maurer, Muchau and Goedecke found a place in the basement of our headquarters. But these rooms were in a quite bad condition and needed more than a little restoration.

But, indeed, we found money and man to get this issue done, but it took longer then anticipated. In the end, in 2014 we could finish the work in the new rooms and then had: The Count-von-Luckner-Vault.

Regularly, on every third Wednesday from 6 p.m. on, members and friends are meeting there. In most cases we first offer a short lecture on historic issues and the members are informed about the state of affairs concerning the work of our society. Afterwords we are sitting together chatting, eating and having something to drink.

You are welcome to join one of those regulars’ table. Just step in and feel our warm welcome.

By the way, the rooms can be used for events. Interested? Please contact us.

Pictures of the von Luckner Vault you will find >>> HERE <<<


Our von-Luckner-Vault shall be better and nicer, it is in the Souterrain and needs because of that issue more support.

That is why we appreciate your donation!

It is quite easy to donate! Go to PayPal and you can use your credit card. Every Dollar, every dime, every pound, every penny and every EURO is highly appreciated and will be used directly for our project.