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During his whole life Felix Count von Luckner had many friends, acquaintances and admirers. And still is the “Sea Devil” not forgotten, not only here in Halle or Germany, no worldwide are keeping people places in their hearts for honoring memories.

Getting regularly messages from all over the world including questions and wishes concering a network were the reasons for some people here in Halle to organize the Felix Count von Luckner Society in 2004.  Soon many others from Germany and abroad found our society because of our German/English website learnd from the existance of our society and applied for membership. At the moment about 250 members from 22 nations belong to us.

All are combined in honoring Felix Count von Luckner, the “Sea Devil” from World War I. We intend using these wonderful contacts to achieve our goals, about those we are informing here in our site.


For further information please click at the relevant link.

Intentions - Here you will be informed in detail about the goals of the international Felix Count von Luckner Society.

Short chronicle - In this site you will find a short summary of our activities ordered by business years from the beginning.

Annual plan – Here you will find our annual plan, please, make sure to take updates because it will be updated from time to time.

Regular’s table – every 3rd Wednesday in a month we meet in the von Luckner Vault, learn more here.

Members - Here we will give you some information on our members.

How to join – It is quite easy to join our society, and it is FREE for non-German residents. Learn more here.