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The “Vaterland”, later got this ship the new name “Mopelia”, was another ship Felix Count von Luckner had under his control. It was a four-mast sailing-ship with an additional engine and was used by the Count and a society founded by him to start his Good-Will-Mission, which made him famous.

From 1926 on von Luckner went to the USA and stayed there being very much involved in lectures etc. So the intended round the world sailing tour never was finished.

The end of the “Vaterland” was not a good one. In 1935 it burned out under circumstanced, never been clarified, at the freeport of Bremerhaven. Later on the ship had been broken up.

We are seeking for items of that ship being kept and saved from beeing thrown away. Perhaps some parts of the ship are still used. We are very happy on every information, every little detail is highly appreciated

Our society owns a compass used by Count von Luckner himself on the “Vaterland”. This compass is now to be seen at an item of loan in the museum of local history in Halle (Saale).