Project goals

The goals of our society.

There is one primary goal: to bring people together worldwide who wish to honor Felix Count von Luckner as we do and to support thereby the international understanding and peace, things, Count von Luckner acted for during his whole life. He was world famous in the past but has not been forgotten now. We want to be the Society of friends of the Count and of those who are interested in his life and history.

All we wish is to say:    Honor where Honor is Due.

To erect a memorial in Halle for Felix Count von Luckner.

We intend to erect a memorial for Count von Luckner in Halle because in this town – in the town he helped to save from destruction! – there is no sign of honor at all. At the moment there is just the idea and no specific design. It could be a statue or another kind of memorial. We hope to establish an “internationally” orientated memorial considering that Count von Luckner was and is well known around the world.

He traveled throughout the world: to Tahiti, New Zealand, the United States of America and other countries. His wife was Swedish. We hope to attract financial and non-financial support from the many people and places the Count touched. Count von Luckner brought nations together or at least closer to each other by bringing people together. It was an important part of his extraordinary life. The memorial will honor his international reputation.

If you have any idea or wish to donate for the memorial, please let us know.

To open a museum for the Count in Halle, Germany

A museum for Count von Luckner shall be opened in Halle. Much of the Count’s estate was lost forever because of irresponsible actions after the death of his half brother in 1964. Many things were carelessly thrown away. But other artifacts, papers and memorabilia were taken by people who just walked by and saved them for future generations. Some boxes are now again in Halle in a very reliable archive. These things could be shown in our intended museum – the director of the institution where the material is stored, has joined our group.

But there shall be more things in that museum. In the 1920′s of the last century Count von Luckner in the 1920′s  traveled throughout the world on “Good-Will-Tours”. We’ve been contacted by people from around the world. Some me von Luckner personally. Some are children and grandchildren of people touched by him. We hope to locate many more. Some have memories, stories, papers, pictures, or other memorabilia. We want to collect as much information and material as we can. We seek as many details in his extraordinary life as possible.

If you have a von Luckner story to tell?  Please, let us know.

If you got to donate materials (copies would do!), everything would be highly appreciated.


Do you want to support our work too?

 Donations quite easy can be made by using   PayPal

It is quite easy to donate! Go to PayPal and you can use your credit card. Every Dollar, every dime, every pound, every penny and every EURO is highly appreciated and will be used directly for our project.

Here you will find our bank information:

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