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Touring Exhibition

Private view / Ausstellungeröffnung in Barby 2004

Private view at Barby, US Consul General, Fletcher M. Burton, is the first to sign in our Golden Book

In keeping with the international orientation of our society, our museum will not only be located in a fixed location but with special exhibits or special shows to draw people to achieve the broadest possible broadcast of our message.

Against this background, together with a partner association from Barby / Elbe, which planned to take over the marketing in the future, we designed shortly after the founding of our company a touring exhibition, the photo exhibition “The end of the war in Halle – The Timberwolves – Halle ( Germany) – Felix Count von Luckner “.

In October 2010, this exhibition was opened in the old mill in Barby in the presence of US Army Veterans, the Timber Wolves of the 104th Infantry Division of the same name and in the presence of the American Consul General, Mr. Fletcher M. Burton.

In 2018 our excibition had been shown at the Bismarcktower in Wettin.

Only half a year later we showed the show on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the end of the war in the Halle City Hall in the Culture and Congress Center “K & K”. The vernissage once again hosts Mr. Burton as guest of honor.

At the end of 2011 the club broke up in Barby and our society took over all of the material. At the beginning of 2012, a small part was shown at the Halle-Messe.

The exhibition “The end of the war in Halle – The Timberwolves – Halle (Germany) – Felix Count von Luckner” is in German and English language and goes in addition to the end of the war in Halle and the invasion of the Timberwolves on the person of Count vonLuckner, to the to clarify to visitors why it was possible for the “Sea Devil” of World War I to be accepted by the Americans as an adequate negotiating partner and ultimately to achieve the salvation of the city from destruction.

The exhibition can be booked!

We offer a professional approach to the vernissage and – on request – specialist lectures on the subject, which can be ordered as additional modules.

If you are interested please contact us without any obligation,

The dimensions of the frames can be found here shortly.


We thank the members of the no longer existing association “art of history – photogallery Mill Barby e.V.” as well as our former member Mr. Robert Stephan for the constructive cooperation within the framework of the creation of this traveling exhibition.


Following you will some impressions on the opening of that excibition at Barby/Elbe:

The excibition had been a great success.

We got new entries in our Golden Book.

Guests had fun and chance to chat to each other.