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Bells of Peace – 2011

… Prayer and mutual commemoration

Prior to the second bell’s ringing some members of our society thought about how to take this way of commemorating to a broader public, this because that issue should not have an end in itself.

Especially our honoray chairman, Mr. Hans Goedecke, was highly committed which among others has the background that he himself was an eyewitness of that time. He lost his father in Stalingrad and was in his hometown Dessau during a heavy air raid. These terrible scenes he could never forget.

He got arranged a prayer on the Old Marketplace in Halle. That is why our members and friends on April 19, at 10.55 a.m. (always exactly the same time!) met on the Marketplace listening to the ringing of the church bells and then walked to the Old Marketplace which is just nearby to join the prayer. This was touching and full of dignity.

Here you will find some pictures showing the group on the Old Marketplace of Halle.


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