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Short Chronicle

About the international Felix Count von Luckner Society

(Data and facts in excerpts)

March 29, 2004 Foundation of our association with international orientation in Halle (Saale) / Germany

2004 – Lecture evenings, information evening in the Francke Foundations, first presentation of the traveling exhibition “The Timberwolves – Halle / Germany – Felix Count von Luckner”, more than 50 members

2005 – Events marking the 60th anniversary of the end of the war, purchase of many pieces for the planned museum, touring exhibition will be shown in Halle, more than 100 members from 14 nations

2006 – Commemoration in Hamburg at the Count’s 40th anniversary of death, celebrations for the 125th anniversary in Pennrich and Halle, honoring by special postal service of Deutsche Post and commemorative medal of our society, participation in the Saxony-Anhalt-day in Halle, over 150 members

2007 – Opening of a shop window exhibition in Halle, purchase of many copies for the museum, opening of a business office at the President’s residence with archive and library as well as a small exhibition

2008 – Visit of the “Timberwolves” in Halle, evening together at the “Halloren im Thale zu Halle”, contact to the owner of the former yacht “Seeteufel”, rescue efforts regarding the ship, over 200 members from 19 nation

2009 – several lectures, participation in the museum night and presentation of our “Museum in Waiting” in the Archaeological Museum (Robertinum) to Halle

2010 – participation in the “boat” in Dusseldorf with own stand, first bell ringing on 19 April to commemorate the peaceful end of war in Halle in 1945, first work on club premises (Luckner vaults), founding of the “American Contingent” (American Group of our company), reception SE Philip D. Murphy, Ambassador of the USA, Hans-Dietrich Genscher and other personalities at the monument for the “Timberwolves”

2011 – purchase of a large collection for our museum, second bell ringing for peace on 19 April followed by devotion on the Old Market, delegation attends the celebration of Luckner’s 130th birthday on the former “Seeteufel” in St. Petersburg, participation in festive event in Wandlitz of the local naval history sports club “Graf Luckner”

2012 – Participation in the fair “Reise-Freizeit-Caravan” in Halle; third ringing of the bells, at the inauguration of a table, on which the rescuers of the city of Halle receive appreciation, among them for the first time Count Luckner; first Luckner Christmas market

2013 – Second participation in the fair in Halle; Re-enacting the legendary negotiations between Luckner and General Allen before the ringing of the bell on April 19, previously discarding reprinted pamphlets warning the Hallens of US troops from the destruction of Halle; Visit of the “Timberwolves”; Inauguration of the Luckner taxis (Lucknerbus), drive to Papenburg on the occasion of Luckner’s birthday; Completion of the “Luckner Gewölbe”, second Luckner Christmas market

2014 – regular holding of the Luckner Stammtisch in the Luckner vault on every third Wednesday of the month at 6 pm after its official opening; Visit of Troy Patterson and his nephew from Texas, USA; Celebration on 8 November on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Society in the rooms of the Salzwirker Brotherhood in the Thale zu Halle in the presence of the Mayor of Halle, Dr. med. Bernd Wiegand, and relatives of the Count’s family.

2015 – participation in the Halle Messe; Organization of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Halle in the city’s market square with the participation of guests of honor such as the Vice Ambassador of the United States, James D. Melville Jr., Consul General of the United States, Scott R. Riedmann, who also included in the Golden Book another entry was made by Hans-Dietrich Genscher, who was unable to attend the celebrations for health reasons, and negotiations between Count Luckner and Gen. Terry Allen re-enacted, this time even with the participation of a large group of reenactmen actors representing the Timberwolves; regular Luckner Stammtisch with many lectures by Wolfgang Seilkopf; Start of the establishment of the “Meeting Place for International Understanding”, which was financially subsidized by the Saalesparkasse.

2016 – trip to Hamburg on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Count Luckner with a wreath-laying ceremony at the grave of the “Sea Devil” as well as a visit to Luckner sites in the Hanseatic city on the Elbe; the book “When all the bells ring” will be presented for the 19th of April; first lecture in the seminar room of the “Meeting Place for International Understanding”, topic: “Is the cathedral standing – the end of the war in Cologne.” Regular’s Table in the “von Luckner ‘s Vault” with members and guests.

2017 – On-Site-Inspection on the Stadtgottesacker with persons responsible for the extension of the bow 85 to information of further family members “von Luckner”, which there their last rest found, without ever been mentioned. In Friedrichsschwerz members participate in the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the peaceful end of the war in Brachwitz; President Maurer holds the ceremonial speech. Supporting a celebration celebrating the centenary of the Count’s arrest and escape from the prison camp during World War I, in Motuihe, New Zealand, by sending a message of welcome and other measures. Reception (including Capt. Markus Fisk and wife) from abroad.

2018 – Our traveling exhibition is prepared for re-use in a work assignment. For the annual general meeting our collection will be presented in parts to the members of the society. In the Bismarckturm zu Wettin our traveling exhibition (in parts) is shown throughout the whole summer; our friends from the association in Friedrichsschwerz are supporting us. We receive again visitors from abroad. The Luckner Christmas market takes place again, this time with different choirs. We are opening the society and in particular the Lucker Stammtisch to other historical and regional historical topics.

2019 – Visit of a member from the USA; first Stammtisch becomes a full house with interesting topics a great success …