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Sea Eagle

This page is about the most famous ship, which was under the command of Count Luckner. With the S.M.S. “Seeadler” (Sea Eagle) he went around the world to do his legendary sea raid in World War I.

The Count’s fame based on the above mentioned cruise was the basis for von Luckner’s fame, that people worldwide trusted and appreciated him, that he had nicknames such as “Gentlemens Pirate” oder “Knight of the Sea”. On the other side he became the nickname “Sea Devil”, because for him it had even been possible to hunt steam ships, because his “See Eagle” – a three mast sailing ship – had an auxiliary engine which was hidden. Some captains may have thought being hunted by the devil himself.

One death toll was claimed by the war of capes. This is the English sailor (he was still in training at the time) Douglas Page, to whom we dedicate a special commemoration on a separate page. Please, find more information >>> HERE <<<

Back to the history of the ship. The famous three-master had been built in 1878 in Scotland and went under the name “Pass of Balmaha” under US-flag. The German submarine “U-36″ arrested that ship in 1915 in the North Sea, finally brought it to Cuxhaven and intergrated it to the Germany Navy.

Further information on that issue you will find >>> HERE <<<

Model / Schiffsmodell SMS Seeadler

Model of the “Seeadler”, purchased by our society; Modell der “Seeadler”, vom Verein erworben

Cannon of the Sea Eagle, Papeete/Tahiti, Kanone der Seadler in Papeete/Tahiti

Cannon of the Sea Eagle, Papeete/Tahiti, Kanone der Seadler in Papeete/Tahiti


We get a two other models of that ship, one of them donated by Prof. Miyoshi from Japan, the other on you can see this here.