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Bells of Peace – 2019

This year there was a novelty in the tradition of Halle’s Peace Bells, because they remained silent this year.

The reason for this was the fact that April 19 fell on Good Friday, the so-called silent holiday, on which certain amusements such as dancing are also prohibited. Of course we felt committed to the principle and accepted the decision of the churches.

Nonetheless, we met in peace and dignity at 10.55 a.m., the point at which the Second World War ended in Halle 74 years ago, on the market square of the city of Halle and commemorated the historical event.

It was “coincidence” that reenactors, who had already supported us in 2015, were in transit to a meeting and made an extra stopover on April 19 to be with us in the historic minutes on the market square. The march of our friends in silence radiated great dignity and more than lived up to the occasion. Many thanks to the reenactors, nice that you were there.

Impressions from silent commemoration in 2019.

The visit to the reenactors raised anticipation for the actions planned for the anniversary in 2020.

The silent commemoration on the market square in Halle was a successful event.