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Bells of Peace – 2012

… and a plaque for the Count

One highlight of our Society’s history was the April 19 in thist year, because on the occasion of the bell’s ringing we had a great success. This was possible with the help of the FDP (a political party in Germany), thank you. We could achieve that von Luckner would be honored in the street picture to be seen by everyone!

We looked for a suitable place in town.

Unfortunately the “officials” – we mean the town council of Halle – blocked any decision to honor the savior of Halle so we asked private owners of buildings at Marketplace, the most known and busy places in town. The owners of a warehouse promptly agreed! We decided to put five names on the plaque in alphabetical order of persons who risked their lives and by that saved our town from being completely destroyed. Of course, the name of Felix Count von Luckner could not miss on that.

On the occasion of the bell’s ringing initialized by our society this year directly after the commemoration ceremony including the prayer we got the new plaque for the Count and the others unveiled. The chairman of the FDP fraction, Mr. Gerry Kley, and the President of our society, Mr. Matthias J. Maurer, honored Felix von Luckner by warm words and performed the unveiling ceremony. Many Halle citizens were with us.

We explicitely thank the owners of the building on Marketplace and the FDP.

Here you will find some impressions of the bell’s ringing.

(for a bigger display please klick at the chosen picture)


Listen to our President’s speech (in German only)

Gerry Kley, head of the FDP fraction is speaking (German only)

Prior to our event the clergy spoke (German only)


Many thanks to the owners of the warehoues at Marketplace!

They without hesitation said YES to a plaque to honor the heros of Halle at their building!