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New York City

The famous city on the Hudson, the “Big Apple” played a certain role in the life of the Count so we have not only to mention it.

Capture: von Luckner working as a gardener with the Vanderbilt`s

In his book “Aus 70 Lebensjahren” von Luckner informs to be a gardener with the Vanderbilt’s in New York City during his youth.

Von Luckner even mentiones details. He met George who watched him boxing, and learned his aunt and uncle, the Vanderbilt’s. Von Luckner mentiones the home of that family at 5th Avenue near 58th Street. And for some time von Luckner had worked as a gardener in their home getting 150 $ afterwards.

We did researches!

And we even found pictures of the home of the Vanderbilt’s exactly at the place where von Luckner talked about. More information about “The little Chateau” you will find here…

Thanks to Tom Miller to share his knowlegde with us and to give advices how to use and credit the pictures.

Vanderbilt's home, 5th Ave., Manhattan, New York City

Home of the Vanderbilt’s in Manhattan 58th Street / Das Haus der Vanderbilt’s in Manhattan an der 58. Straße (photo NYPL Collection)

Le petit Chateau - Home of the Vanderbilt's

Le petit Chateau (photo NYPL Collection)

Almost nothing has left. The “Petit Chateau” of the Vanderbilt’s went almost without leaving any trace in 1926. For us of interest is one of the gates. This is now to be found at “Conservatory Garden” at Central Park. This will be one of the places in our intended “Count von Luckner Trail” which will be organised worldwide and include points of interest which can be brought into connection with the Count. Probably Felix went through this door. Of course that door has to be “in”. The Trail is already to be seen in the internet, the link you will find >>>HERE<<<

Gate to the garden of Vanderbilt's home

The gate to Vanderbilt’s home remained at Central Park / Das Tor zum Anwesen der Vanderbilts blieb erhalten und steht heute im Central Park (photo