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People, who are working with us, are donating dayly lots of their time for our society. For this we have to thank so much.

Furthermore, often we receive donations of books, photos and things which in the past belonged to the Counts. Great to have such things for our collection!

Our German members have to pay only a little a year, non-Germans are free, so we depend on donations to get lot of things done.

Do you want to support our work too?

 Donations quite easy can be made by using   PayPal

It is quite easy to donate! Go to PayPal and you can use your credit card. Every Dollar, every dime, every pound, every penny and every EURO is highly appreciated and will be used directly for our project.

Here you will find our bank information:

  • Bank: Saalesparkasse Halle
  • IBAN: DE96800537620385312868
  • Holder: Luckner Society


Thanks to all who donated and helped thereby to support our work!!!

Information to donations you will find here.