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Biography by Wolfgang Seilkopf

New book on Count von Luckner / neues Buch über Graf LucknerWe highly recommend the book of our historian, Wolfgang Seilkopf, about Felix Count von Luckner !!!

It has great photos inside (many of them had never been published before!) and is written in German and in English, so quite perfect for our members abroad and, furthermore, a short lesson to learn German because both texts are written beside each other.

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The price will be 29.50 $ (US-Dollar) each including shipping and handling, we will deliver the book after having received the payment.

Do not forget giving your mail address and, please, support our society by ordering this book

With best regard from Halle – the Count-von-Luckner-City

Matthias J. Maurer


Buchlesung Thalia-Buchhandlung Neues Buch über Graf Luckner eingetroffen
 The author and his book  The book proudly presented by our President