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New Book in France: “100 Sailors”

On October 11, 2018, in France a new book has been published by Edition Paulsen. Inside of that book you will find biographies of 10o sailors such as Jules Verne, Thor Heyerdahl or Jaques Cousteau.

Ii is a time ago that the editor contacted our society because they wished to include a biography of Felix Count von Luckner. Even that fact is a small sensation as the content of the book mainly was focussed on sailors who stood in a relation to France themselves.

The President of our society, Matthias J. Maurer, offered to write the article on the Count himself, so he in the end did. On the book cover not the names of all sailors could be mentioned but the name of the “Sea Devil” now found his place just beside Heyerdahl and Cousteau!

The book was written in the French language and can now be purchased. It has a hard cover and will be delivered in an additional slipcase.

We can highly recommend that book to all who an read and understand French. If you wish, you can review the book in our office.

Following you will find a detail of the cover and an excerpt of the contents. After that we provide links to the editor and the opportunity purchasing the book.


>>> HERE <<< the editor (Edition Paulsen) introduces the book

>>> HERE <<< you can buy the book (Amazon)