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Renovation of “von Luckner Vault” goes on

The work to get our “von Luckner Vault” finished is proceeding. Outside Lutz Breternitz and Egon Finke did an important job, because in the past we had the problem that during severe rains water came in. Now they tried to protect us from such damages in the future and at the moment I am waiting for the next rain to test the result of their work.

Working at the von Luckner Vault / Arbeiten am Luckner Gewölbe

Lutz Breternitz and Egon Finke helped / halfen.

Was war zu tun

What they had to do / Was zu tun war

Hopefully protected from water now / Hoffentlich nun wasserdicht

Result of their work / Ergebnis der Arbeit

Inside our treasurer Hans-Jürgen Krasselt worked with Peter Andre and put in a new carpeted floor and alone he revised the furniture which in the past our member Wilfried Hohl had donated and which we now can use. Now you can almost live in the rooms. In one picture you can see the beam, Hans-Jürgen has designed and the perfect plaster, we got done by a craftsmen mediated by Peter Andre, the plaster done like in an old castle!

First room is almost ready / Erster Raum kurz vor der Fertigstellung

We will get the furnitures in / Die Möbel werden nun eingebaut

First exhibition / Erste Ausstellung

Small exhibition for the upcoming meeting / Kleine Ausstellung für das Herbstfest

The beam / Der Balken

The beam designed by H.-J. Krasselt / Der von H.-J. Krasselt gestaltete Balken

We are so happy about the progress, thanks to all who are helping.