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We could buy an old phone book

Simply a dream came true when we some days ago could buy this old telephone book torn by Felix Count von Luckner. This became possible only by a generous donation made by our member Heinrich Arens from Erfurt, prior to that Papenburg. Thank you very, very much for donating the money we could use to purchase the book. Thank too to the vendor, Ms. Andrea L., for reducing the price especially for us. We most appreciated both.

The official telephone directory of the city of Hamburg from 1955 was torn by von Luckner the same year, which affirms a decication and signature made by the Count himself. We are very happy about that acquisition!

von Luckner phone book / Telephonbuch

Phone book, torn by von Luckner / von Luckner zerrissenes Telephonbuch

signed by the Count / von Graf Luckner signiert

Affirmation of originality by the Count himself / Echtheitsbestätigung von Luckner persönlich

The affirmation in once more in printed way

“Bound by the Oberpostdirektion Hamburg, torn by me, v. Luckner, Sea Devil”