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Trip to Papenburg

On the occasion of von Luckner’s birthday – it is today, happy birthday Count  - a delegation of our society went to Papenburg. Here von Luckner in 1907 got his master’s certificate at the nautical college. The Mayor of Papenburg met us an got informed on our society. He was wondering why in Halle there is no street named after the Count. In Papenburg there is one. This and other facts are keeping memories awake.

We saw a lot and had a wonderful time staying in the Hotel “Graf Luckner” and had to promise to keep in touch with the people of Papenburg, we will do this!

Luckner Gesellschaft in Papenburg

Members of the von Luckner Society together with the Mayor of Papenburg, Jan Peter Bechtluft (left) in front of the City Hall. / Delegation der Luckner Gesellschaft mit dem Bürgermeister der Stadt Papenburg, Jan Peter Bechtluft (ganz links), vor dem Rathaus der Stadt.